A sampling of prototypes
Some examples of prototypes I've created.

Role: Prototype creation

These are various prototypes I've created.

prototype 1

This was a mobile Axure prototype for the 1040EZ app. The image is a screenshot from the Word document Axure creates. I export this typically to help whoever is facilitating the user testing so they understand the path and can put the script together better.

prototype 2

Right after I creatd the wireframes for the My Block applications, I created this prototype with Adobe Muse. It made it super simple to create what I needed from a prototype in a short time frame. Looking back, I'd have liked to have tried UXPin, but it didn't have the interactions I needed at that time

prototype 3

This was the 2nd testing we did for the 1040EZ mobile app. A different set of interactions we were looking at this time around.

prototype 4

More Axure prototyping. This was for the Online tax app. We were testing an entire new set of interactions for the interview questions before you get into the forms. All in all, we did over 8 prototypes for the Online app.

prototype 5

This was the fastest I had to come up with a prototype. By the time the pages were thought through, I had 2 days, and make the animations needed, plus create all the buttons and what not. I used Muse again, and it was like magic for making it so fast. If I needed something more complicated, like an input field, I could make that with HTML and just paste it into my Muse file.

I created prototypes with a variety of tools. Mockups, Fireworks, HTML/JS, Flash, Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder, InDesign, hand puppets.

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