Sprint Customer Care App
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Sprint Customer Care application for Chrysler CVP Program

Role: UX Research, user stories, design plan, interaction, web development, visual design

The CVP program was the uConnect for Chrysler's line of vehicles. To allow apps, car information, wifi and in-dash.

The Problem:

The current version of the customer care app was overly complicated.

Sprint zone

We already knew who our customers would be. Care agents Sprint had yet to hire. The piece I didn't know before I started was they worked from home. The app would be in a browser, and a browser of my choosing. I worked with the BA on the requirements, and user stories. They had never worked with someone in UX before, so it was a great experience.

Customer Care app

Once I was done with the discover phase of UX, I started going over the old care app and trying to see what exactly was needed vs what would help the agents keep things simple. There are millions of dollars at stake in customer care calls. The main goal was to keep the call as brief as possible. Unfortunately, this was a first for this type of application. I decided to do my own calls to current care agents to see what their needs were in general. The following were iterations.

Iterations of customer care app

I even created the logo.


Final Thoughts on the Process:

This took months, but was very successful. I was taken off the project before we could do user testing. I understand it was well received. I did talk with the person in charge of Customer Care and they were very happy.

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