Visual Design
Various examples of visual design projects
Vidusl Design

I started out as a graphic designer back in 1987. I switched to web design in 1993, and a combination of UI and UX around 2002. So why am I showing visual design? I am a hybrid. I love every discipline of UX, including visual design. As a team leader, it is hard to ask someone to do something you have no knowledge of, or couldn't do yourself. Research doesn't make for a great portfolio piece. You can look at sketches, post-its and wireframes only so long. Its the visual design that gets clients attention. Often they wonder what takes so long, but then once they see the visuals, they are excited about the project. Sad, but true.

D2W logo

This is the logo for my conference, D2W. It is a designer/developer workflow conference, thus the D squared. I played around with lots of options here. Beakers, puzzle pieces, atoms and the like. I settled on the Rubick cube because of the puzzle aspect, and just three rows/columns because I could then use Red, Green and Blue (RGB is a color space for web graphics). I have 2013's site still up. We had world-class speakers, from just that, around the globe. I created the logo, the website, chose the speakers, made all the banners for the days of the confernce and all marketing materials.

A box of Pixels

This is from my A Box of Pixels archived website. Each page, the little monster would be doing something different. It was cute.

KCCoreGroups logo

This is a combination of four of the KCCoreGroups logos. I started out as a board member of MacCORE in 1998, (a Mac user group) and KCMUG a Macromedia user group about the same time. In 2004 I took over the MM user group and created KCWebCore. Then we had KCDevCore. After Adobe acquired Macromedia I started KCDesignCore. Then a year later someone wanted to start the video group, KCVideoCore. These were the first groups and me as queen bee of them all, except the video group. We created the KCCoreGroups umbrella and I made the logos, and a banner so we could put them up at the meetings.


The logo for my UX group, which is also an IxDA user group.

Startup weekend

These are 3 versions of the KC chapter of the 6th Startup weekend. We wanted to have a KC landmark as part of the logo, as well as the number 6. I made these 3 versions. My personal favorit was the 18th & Vine version, but it wasn't recognizable enough for the organizers. They went with Scout, the indian on the horse on top of the Hill at Penn Valley.


The hummingbird was for a project at Sprint. I added the wings as the Sprint "pin drop" as many think of them as feathers anyway.

Zone logo

All the teams that were a part of Sprint Zone had a team name, and I made the logos for each of the teams. This is an example.

Sprint hackathon shirt

I was on the team for the Sprint conference because I had experience with my conference and hackathons. I helped cordinate the conference and our hackathon. I also created shirts for both. This is the hackathon shirt.


Speaking of hackathons, I created Sprint's first internal hackathon. Named it Shake-n-Bake after Will Ferrel's movie about Ricky Bobby, and created this logo. "If you aren't first, you've last".

desktop bg

I created this desktop background as an example to show my students that you could draw with Adobe Fireworks. I was working on a logo for a company at the time that had to do with the sun and the name helios, so I came upwith this drawing to go with it.

helios Dashboard

This is much older, and not exactly visual design but an example of an application I was working on for Alagad maybe as far back as 2009. It was suppose to be a high fidelity wireframe, but the client really liked the visuals. Sometimes, to show charts and graphs you have to go higher fidelity so everyone "gets" the separation of the items.

There are a lot ore examples, but this should give you an idea of what I can do. I don't feel like I have a style, and have certainly also made my share of icons when needed. I would like to think my style is whatever the client and user needs.

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