Sprint Zone
Android Mobile app
Sprint Zone. Android app, CMS for the app

Role: IxD, Project Manager for the CMS, Android development, visual design

The Main part of the project involved the creation of Sprint Zone. I started out on the project on the CMS side.

The Problem:

Jason Whitney came up with the idea for Sprint Zone based on the top call drivers. Lars Hacking came up with the initial visuals. Once the teams took over, we needed a way for the marketing team to add content. The problems we were solving were the CMS, and then they wanted to expand that Zone did, and I was on the Entertainment team. It was suppose to be an easy way to find the music, video and books you were most interested in.

Sprint zone

This was an initial slide from mockups I created to get the executives interested in the idea. I was initially thinking we would give them app choices. Like all iterations, the end result was much different.

Sprint Zone

This function is common place now, but to get an app on your home screen from an HTML page was new at this time. We were considering creating an HTML5 version instead of native. I brought in training for Hybrids apps, and we just didn't have enough developers (2) who knew HTML to begin with, let alone javascript. They were Java guys, and it was a lot easier to train them as Android developers, thus we went native.

Zone architecture

I created this architecture document because the initial doc from the BA was confusing everyone. This was pretty common-place for me to create items like this, deck slides and othe items to simplify things for the developers, or the executives.

Sprint Zone CMS

Zone CMS

I was initially on the project for a CMS for marketing to upload content to Sprint Zone. Sprint Zone in its earliest form was just a list sent to the phone. Not pretty, functional or user friendly. We had a UX designer who had created a 52 page wireframe document full of inconsistencies and odd interactions. There were three developers and a Lead for the project. After eight months and it wasn't close to being done, we let go the developers and called the project a failure.

Sprint Zone CMS

I begged my boss to let me have two people and 2 months and I would deliver him something that would work. My cohort Lars Hacking and myself took two of those weeks and came up with basically a 3 page alternative to the original 52 page wireframe.


For our section of the Entertainment Zone, we needed a page to make it easy for the developers to upload images as well. This was an initial wireframe for the web page to do just that.


I even created a few widgets for the Android app.


Final Thoughts on the Process:

Once I was on the Entertainment Zone team, I had several functions. We worked in an agile fashion, which was new for Sprint, so we all had scrum training. I did the initial interactions, created all the demo fake images for what it might look like so the developers had graphics to work with. I knew CSS better then most of the developers so I helped style the XML Android app. I was UX for the marketing CMS, and Project lead. I created the interaction for the HTML file and did all the CSS for that as well.

Project Details