My Block /Tax app
Multiple applications UX
Online tax app and My Block responsive site

Role: Research, Strategy, IxD, visual design, prototyper, Responsive Design consultant

Two projects I'm rolling into one because of the responsive nature of each, and they are both online.

The Problem:

Interactions and navigations.


I had created the interaction for the documents portion for the phone app, so I was attempting to make the responsive portion workin a similar fashion. As mobile first is the goal, I made the iPhone and the iPad version for them. Wires here, not visual design.

iPad version

The navigation wasn't a big deal until States became involved for the Refund-o-meter. I changed the interaction to a swipe there. The OCR wasn't fantastic either, so we had many a design session figuring out how best to improve people actually following the tips.


There were several portions of the site I tried to help them with, as far as responsive went. My goal being adaptive, not really responsive as there are sections that are pretty hefty word wise.

responsive wires

There was a new section initially to get your information so it could be transfered over when the user wanted to do their taxes. For some reason, that couldn't be done so the below was a step-oriented profile to help the user decide which app to use. A start in the "get to know you" process.

Online tax application

tax app online

The DIY, formally At Home product turned into the Online tax product. Block refers to it as "Do It Yourself" internally, thus the DIY. As part of the UX process, starting with Research is always first. In the case of DIY, we were a young, small team of mostly Lead UX'ers, and didn't have the bandwidth to take on such a large project. I helped create the RFP and once we narrowed down the vendors, I created a comparitive document so all the stakeholders could easily see who was best. Then we created the SOW and I worked hand-in-hand with Cynergy initially through the first meetings, helped create Behaviors, and worked though iterations and created the prototypes for testing.


There are a lot of examples I could show for DIY. It was a very long project. I did a ton of prototypes and those helped to further the product. The DIY has won the Bronze award for ease of use. It also increased the number of people using it considerably.


The majority of the time spent on this product entailed making decisions the vendor didn't. How the navigation worked, what the over states looked like, buttons, creating sprites for complex interactions and replacing over 500 images throughout the interior of the product.


I also spent a fair amount of time creating A/B mockups for testing. The pages where there were a choice of upgrade were some of the pages we did A/B tests.

ab test page

Final Thoughts on the Process:

Both website and application are in constant change. I was happy to be apart of so many pieces of the process throughout these projects.

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