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Role: Mobile point of contact, Project Manager, Research, IxD

The projects with iPads were, Online Tax app and the iPad version was native. My Block also had an iPad version, and of course getting the interaction down there was a lot different then the iPhone.

The Problem:

Interactions and navigations.

iPad old

The old version of the app was so unatractive, it wasn't hard to make it look better. Of couse, my job was to make the interactions better. The tax app is just a shell. The entire interior was an iFrame. Lars Hacking initially had the project, then I took it over to work on the navigation interactions.

iPad old

The navigation wasn't a big deal until States became involved for the Refund-o-meter. I changed the interaction to a swipe there. The OCR wasn't fantastic either, so we had many a design session figuring out how best to improve people actually following the tips.


The My Block iPad app also had some issues. Mind you that all these are being designed at the same time. Lots going on. I had to start pulling in other UX'ers to keep things moving.

office flow

Office flows, the way Documents needed to be uploaded, all needed to take advantage of the iPad's real estate.


The Where's My Refund section was interesting.

An outside vendor had done a version with chevrons and that is what they were using in the My Block web version, so our designer Jon Toney, created the visuals for the iPad app. I then took over and we had about 10+ versions that needed to be thought out, interaction-wise.

Final Solutions:

After I left the mobile team, and others took over, as we all know in UX that things change and we get put on different projects, I couldn't say the current state of either project. I believe the iPad tax app has probably been replaced with the responsive version. My Block app iPad might have also been replaced at this point, not sure.

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