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Role:Research, strategy, interaction, website HTML/CSS and training.

The Problem: UX issues with a mobile app

In the mobile space, even the signup process can make or break an application. In this case, it is a widly used app in India, but their closest competitor was way ahead in terms of number of users and also ease of use. Initially I was contracted to update the look and feel, but it became quickly clear the interactions weren't working in favor os the user.


Since there was no current product, I started with stakeholder interviews. The client wasn't familiar with Life Insurance, they only knew "It was bad. All the sites are ugly." I knew I had to do some extra digging at that point.

The Process:

After the usual stakeholder interview and looking over their provided data, I conducted a competitive analysis and current state analysis. It seemed clear that the sign in needed some cleaning up interaction wise, as well as a better landing page instead of the Chat records. I began with a content inquiry then proceded to a task analysis and then started working through each interaction set. We are still in the working phase of this application. Each iteration goes from low fidelity wireframes to higer and higher fidelity so I can work through interactions while honing the look and feel. Next I will be creating a prototype for user testing.

UX class for Adobe MAX:

It was a thrill and privledge to teach a full day class at Adobe MAX in October of 2015. The class was sold out at 60 students and the title was UX and UI for everyone. With a diverse crowd of designers and some developers and many who had never done UX before, my goal of the class was to show them the UX process, so it was a combination lecture and class.

For the first part of the day, I showed them what we would be doing, and then talked about the different roles and responsibilities in UX. From research to interaction, to visual and UI, we talked about deliverables of each part of the process as well. Once we started in the hands-on process, we took our data, persona, demographics, competetive analysis and business requirements.

We had extra large stickies for the brainstorming and sketching portion. It was great to see 60 people in groups of 6 working so well with total strangers. Once we finished the sketching, they could use the computers to come up with wireframes. At the end of the day, they presented their work, somewhat like a hackathon. Below is what one of the teams came up with.

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