Dee Sadler

User Experience Designer
I am
an IxD Designer a UX Manager a Mobile UX'er a Visual Designer

Design is so simple, that is why it is so complicated. — Paul Rand

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Mobile UX

Strategy, IxD

Mobile first Strategy and implementation. User advocate for the when they are using the product, how and where.

UX Process

The 4 D's

Discover. Design. Develop. Deploy.

Team Lead

17 Years of Experience

Managed teams of interaction designers, web and visual designers. Managed user groups, events and conferences.


Speaker, Author

Adobe Certified Instructor, IxDA user group manager, video tutorials, blogger, and have spoken at dozens of conferences.


About Me

WHO AM I?: I am an UX user advocate and a team manager. I've managed interaction designers visual/web teams and mobile applications. I've been point of contact for mobile applications, took on UX for all internal applications, and enjoyed working with developers to create client-side responsive and mobile applications.

I am very excited about doing an entire day pre-conference class at Adobe MAX (5000+ attendees) this year on "UX for everyone". I plan on doing a hands-on lab going through some of the UX processes by setting the class up with data, then with that data doing brainstorming sessions, journey maps and wireframing out a mobile app. What is exciting is many of these people probably aren't exposed to the UX world that often. I also recently gave an online webinar on using Adobe tools for UX designers. I believe in the UX process, because only then can you break the rules.

WHAT DO I DO?: If I had to pick just one discipline in UX, that would be interaction. With interaction you still have to do the strategy, research and talk with stakeholders. Standards also matter to me because designing the familiar is important for the user to feel comfortable interacting with a product. I love creating wireframes, they help me through interations to make sure I am creating the best interactions for the user. I also enjoy the visual design aspect and working with the developers. I strongly believe the tools are just that, tools. I'm an expert in Adobe apps, but I am just as comfortable in Axure or pen and paper.

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10+ Years UX Experience
56964 Slideshare Views
100+ Prototypes
150+ Presentations


User Interaction Design Manager: Responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of interaction and visual design teams and projects, making sure motivation and performance levels are maintained. Responsible for mentoring, coaching and training.

Technical Evangelist: Speaker conferences, demos for Adobe events, training staff on UX techniques, and video tutorials author. Adobe Certified Instructor, user group manager, backed by Adobe as a community evangelist (Called ACP).

Human-centered design including:Interaction Design, UX strategy, proof of concepts, research, user-testing, prototyping, wireframes, design briefs, A/B testing, mobile apps, web applications, Axure, sketching, IA, UX process, persona creation, visual design, Adobe Certified Instructor.

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Between people and apps

Making sure the stakeholders, UX team and developers all agree on terminology, and the who, why and the when are agreed upon in the design plan.

Same goes with the tools used.



User Testing

The correct prototype, is whatever interaction is needed for the user to correctly interact with the mobile/web/application being tested.

The tool used to create that prototype will also change depending on that interaction. I've used Muse, Flash, Fireworks, InDesign, HTML, Javascrips, InVisionApp, UXPin and any number of other programs. I've used several online and external companies to conduct user testing.


Mobile UX

App Design

I love designing mobile apps because "designing the familiar" is still being defined. Making something simple is harder then you think, so the challenge is exciting.

There are so many more varibles then desktop design. What is the person doing while using the app and what do they need to do are my favorite questions.


  • 10
  • Years Experience

    From project managing multiple mobile apps, to presenting to large audiences, I love a challenge. I was a Certified Adobe Instructor for 15 years and that taught me how to learn. If I don't know something, give me a small amout of time, and I'll figure it out.

    I read blogs and articles, daily and am always willing to push out of my comfort zone. I find the UX process the most challenging as a skill. There are so many techniques to choose from in any given project, figuring out which and how to use them keeps me excited about my profession.

  • Jan , 2013 to April , 2015
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    H&R Block UX Manager, Interaction Design

    Team Manager: Hired, and managed a team of Interaction/visual Design hybrids. Took Situational Leadership II from Blanchard to make sure I understand how to best manage my team. Weekly design meetings and Design Reviews. Conducted training on applications, and the UX process for the entire UX team.

    Point of Contact / Project Manager for mobile apps: Redesign of 3 client-facing mobile applications. Project Managed all 3 apps. Changed interaction standards. Interaction Design and assets for iOS, Android, iPad. Mobile usage increased 165%. Data Analysis, Comparative/competitive analysis, new Personas created, user stories, experience maps, design briefs, stakeholder interviews, sketching, wireframes, IA, task flows, prototypes.

    See the PDF for more information.

  • Aug , 2010 to Jan , 2013
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    Sprint Senior User Interaction Designer / Technology Development Strategist

    UX design for internal applications: Customer care app for Chrysler's CVP program, proof of concepts for would-be apps and brainstorning new ideas for the "Innovation" award-winning team.

    Mobile app UX: Agile team creating UX and fake assets for developers. On the Entertainment team for Sprint Zone. Page mock ups for mobile first. CSS Frameworks. Icon design. CSS Sprites. Prototypes. Axure, Illustrator, sketching, Fireworks.

    UX Lead: Lead for the CMS for Sprint Zone. Hired team members. HTML, jQuery, CSS Frameworks. IA, site maps, written specs, design brief.

    Proof of Concepts and Innovation team member: Think tank member and POC creation.. Web, and mobile. On a patent for "Method of Accessing Services From a Mobile Communication Device". Used any number of skills and applications. Sketching to Flash Catalyst and everything in-between.

  • Jan , 1993 to Present
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    A Box of Pixels / D2WC, LLCUX / Instructor, Web Design

    UX Design for clients on mobile and websites. Adobe Certified Instructor for training centers, and Adobe events. D2W conference organizer. UX strategy and research, wireframes, UX process. Adobe CC tools, Axure, UXPin, InVisionApp, HTML, adaptive design.

    Taught CSS, web design, HTML, digital camera, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign, Photoshop, and Fireworks. Event organizer, for Adobe events like the Create Now tour. D2W conference founder and organizer. Speakers from around the world. Web design for F2 New Media and other clients. Communicated with clients doing UX first (stakeholder interviews, wireframes, testing), then UI, visual design and finally front end development. Founded KCCoreGroups (6 user groups in all) and KCUXCore, a UX user group.

    Contract Work: Teva, Sprint, VML UX/IxD/UI/Mobile/Web Design

    VML ad agency - 7/2005-10/2006: Web and visual Design
    Web, Flash, and print designer for clients like, Sprint, Xerox, Hills Pet Nutrition, KFC and many more high-profile companies. Did in-house training on best practices in Flash for the creative team.

    Sprint in 06/2007-04/2008: UX Designer

    Part UX team doing research, wireframes, design and strategy working with stakeholders to develop the eCommerce portion of Helped in user testing to create the optimal environment for users to easily access and buy products.

    Teva Neuroscience in 05/2008-03/2009 : Viusal and Web Designer

    Created many visual designs for websites for Teva's generic drug companies making sure branding was consistent. Worked with InTouch Solutions on a large site creating the CSS.