Dee Sadler

User Experience Designer/Manager
I am
an IxD Designer a UX Manager a healthcare designer a strategist

Design is so simple, that is why it is so complicated. — Paul Rand

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Mobile UX

Strategy, IxD

Mobile first is a buzz phrase, but now it is about any screen. Can be a watch or bank of screens, and learning to think about possibilities down the road when designing is essential.

Healthcare UX

All about the user

Like other fields, UX in healthcare is about the user. The problems to be solved for those users are often very complicated. Being in this field has made me a better designer.

Team Lead

People and projects

Manage multi-disciplinary teams of researchers, interaction designers, front end and visual designers. Have managed user groups, events and conferences.


Speaker, Author

Being a Certified Technical trainer and conference speaker has made me better equipped to do Design Thinking facillitation, and enabled me to pass this own to my team.


About Me

WHO AM I?: I am a team manager, project design lead, strategist and interaction designer, visual designer and know my way around HTML and CSS. Just like I care about how the user wants to use a piece of software, I also care abotu the careers of those I manage and work with.

WHAT DO I DO?: I've been in the mobile world, finance and healthcare. What I do is solve problems for the user of those applications. I love research and figuring out who the user is through various tasks like current state analysis, and mapping and then wireframing and prototyping because they help to make sure I am creating the best interactions for the user. I also enjoy the visual design aspect and working with the developers. I strongly believe the tools are just that, tools. I'm an expert in Adobe apps, but I am just as comfortable with pen and paper.

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User Interaction Design Manager: Responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of interaction and visual design teams and projects, making sure motivation and performance levels are maintained. Responsible for mentoring, coaching and training.

UX Manager: Over the last several years I've managed projects and teams. Project management doesn't come easy to us designers, but it is necessary and taking an actual Agile call helped me to understand why I needed to add this skill.

At IBM, we work in multi-disciplinary teams, and as Senior Design manager, I managed a new pillar, Consumer Health, and several teams in the Oncology pillar and Watson for Genomics. My favorite part about being a people manager is helping them grow their career and fill in areas they didn't already know by doing lunch and learns and helping them with their presenting skills.

Human-centered design including: Interaction Design, UX strategy, proof of concepts, research, user-testing, prototyping, wireframes, design briefs, A/B testing, mobile apps, web applications, Axure, sketching, IA, UX process, persona creation, visual design, Certified Technical Trainer.

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  • CSS3
  • Fireworks
  • Muse
  • photoshop
  • InDesign
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Between people and apps

Making sure the stakeholders, UX team and developers all agree on terminology, and the who, why and the when are agreed upon in the design plan.

Same goes with the tools used.



User Testing

The correct prototype, is whatever interaction is needed for the user to correctly interact with the mobile/web/application being tested.

The tool used to create that prototype will also change depending on that interaction. I've used Muse, Flash, Fireworks, InDesign, HTML, Javascrips, InVisionApp, UXPin and any number of other programs. I've used several online and external companies to conduct user testing.


Screen UX

App Design

I love designing any variety of screen sizes in apps because "designing the familiar" is still being defined. Making something simple is harder then you think, so the challenge is exciting.

There are so many more varibles then desktop design. What is the person doing while using the app and what do they need to do are my favorite questions.


  • 12
  • Years Experience

    I started out as a visual design back in 1987, then turned web designer and Adobe instructor by the later 90's. I was training for MacSource when I started doing web design. By the time the early 2000's arrived, I was doing usability testing and research because I wanted to make sure I was indeed designing something the user wanted.

    Through the years I've done every aspect of UX from visual design, to code to interaction and research. There isn't a part of UX I don't love and no matter where my career takes me, I enjoy solving those problems for the user. I also enjoy helping the younger UX'ers learn more about their craft. Teaching, from being an Adobe instructor so long give me joy, but so does watching a product make it out the door.

  • May , 2016 to Present
  • Watson Health Logo

    IBM Watson Health Senior Design Manager

    In charge of UX for the Consumer Health pillar offerings including experience strategy, facilitating workshops, and creating POC’s and demos for partners like the FDA using Blockchain technology.

    Manage a team of multi-disciplinary designers for the Cambridge, MA location and the Oncology team in NYC for 5 months.

    Designed Watson for Genomics that went live in March of 2017 and was featured on 60 Minutes.

    Work toward Watson Health’s Design System. Design Principles, interaction design patterns and case study templates to help with design reviews.

  • Sept. , 2015 to Feb., 2016
  • hwy22-logo

    Highway 22 Design Director | UX

    Research and interaction for an Marketing agency, and Federal online insurance application, to increase understanding of the user, by utiliziing demographics, competitive/comparative analysis, current state analysis, personas, experience maps and presenting the UX process to stakeholders, thus changing major aspects of the products.

    Led the redesign of the Highway 22 web site, including user research, current state analysis, content strategy, evaluating two interim prototypes, and contributing the HTML andCSS to the final production code. The updated site has increased traffic and online referrals by 36.73%.

  • Jan , 2013 to April , 2015
  • brand-logo

    H&R Block UX Manager, Interaction Design

    Team Manager: Managed a team of interaction and UI designers using the Sit Lead method for the retail and digital teams at H&R Block.

    Team lead for the client facing mobile apps. Project management, research and interaction decreasing the pages needed while increasing user interactions by 165%.

    Created a Design System, interaction standards, spec docs, style guides, over 10 prototypes for user testing and consulted on creating responsive websites for multiple internal teams.

  • Aug , 2010 to Jan , 2013
  • brand-logo

    Sprint Senior User Interaction Designer / Technology Development Strategist

    Part of the Innovations team creating ideas and POC’s to create new products for Sprint. Not all the ideas saw the light of day, but we did create the Sprint Zone app, helping with both the interaction and UI while worked hand-in-hand with the developers. Lead a team of developers and designers to create an internal stand-alone app for the marketing team to input text for the Sprint Zone app.

    Managed a team that created and developed a Customer Service browser-based app for the Chrysler car application program.

  • Jan , 2001 to Present
  • brand-logo

    A Box of Pixels / D2WC, LLCUX / Instructor, Web Design

    Current project is mobile UX of a mobile chat app. Decreased steps, to a create a simplified and cohesive design starting with the Sign In process. Research, analysis, interaction and visual design.

    Research and interaction design, web design for MacSource, River City Solutions, Ingrams magazine, David Nanos productions, ThinqDigital and F2 New Media.

    Adobe Certified instructor, for ThinqDigital, and did demos across the country for Adobe as well as events and video tutorials for Total Training.

    Sunflower Dermatology launched their website with SEO in mind before building the website which preserved the budget and reduced implementation costs. SEO was or has been implemented. 277.22% increase in organic traffic within 60 days.

  • 2008
  • brand-logo

    Teva NeuroscienceUI Designer / Visual Designer

    Created websites, both visually using research, strategy, wireframes for the developers and CSS and HTML for Teva’s generic drug companies.

  • 2007-2008
  • brand-logo

    Sprint UX Designer

    E-Commerce team primarily in interaction design, creating wires and prototypes while making sure the persona integrity was upheld. Prototyping for usability testing at the Sprint Lab.

  • 2006-2010
  • brand-logo

    Fusion Authority Quarterly UpdateCreative Director

    Creative force behind Michael and Judith Dinowitz’s Fusion Authority Quarterly Update magazine. Created cover designs, entire format, layout, helped with articles, printing and marketing.

  • 2005-2007
  • brand-logo

    VMLUI Designer

    Web design and development, Flash sites and banners and print design for clients like Xerox, Sprint, Microsoft and more. Standardized Flash practices for the team and helped implement the first CSS and set best practices for Hills Nutrition’s website.

  • 2005
  • ingrams

    Ingram's MagazineArt Director/Web Designer/Photographer

    Created layouts, ads, for a local business magazine. Did photography and web design for 5 of the companies sites and created some from scratch.

  • 2003-2005
  • River City Solutions

    River City Solutions Software Trainer and Web Designer

    Adobe Certified Instructor leading six different types of courses on Adobe products and web design. Web designer for River City’s clients and helped install OSX on Hallmark’s 2000 computers.

  • 2001-2003
  • brand-logo

    Corporate Express/Data SolutionsTrainer / Prepress

    Trained the staff on Acrobat forms, and created Flash documents, changed the way all of the teams worked by using Acrobat forms instead of faxing. Team lead for side projects and utilized knowledge of Adobe actions to increase workflow and time spend inside applications.


I have had many opportunities to work with Dee over the years at Sprint, H&R Block and in other User Experience related work. She is insightful, a leader in the community of UX and skilled at what she does. While the Director of User Experience at H&R Block, Dee was one of my lead managers. She led a team of designers and delivered top level design direction. She also was able to lead the mobile redesign of 3 different key H&R Block mobile applications. This effort shaped a more consistent and focused user experience and led H&R Block into "responsive" design for the first time. Dee will continue to lead user experience wherever her career takes her.

Dee's breadth of knowledge in a variety of software applications simply amazes me. She's is very involved in the online community, volunteering as an Adobe Community Expert, and in the "real world" as a User Group manager and teacher. Her sense of humor and enthusiasm are easily seen in how she happily shares her knowledge and skills with those around her. I've learned a lot from sitting in on her presentations, and I'm very pleased to call her not just a colleague, but a friend.

It's rare that you come across a talent like Dee. I've known and worked with Dee for over 7 years on various projects and she always goes above and beyond what's asked of her. Her knowledge of mobile platforms and dedication to helping others is particularly noteworthy. She is a dedicated member of the Adobe Community Professionals team and is always a favorite amongst conference attendees and her fellow speakers.

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